Q: How do I get to your office?

A: Go to our Directions page to see a map and get detailed directions from your home to our office. You can even print them out right from the page!

Q: What areas do you service?

A: We service all of Lake and inland Mendocino Counties in Northern California.

Q: Do I have to have deliveries to my home or can I just come by your office for my needs?

A: Your always welcome to to come by our office for most of your needs.

Q: What are your office hours?

A: Our office is open Monday thru Friday from 9-5.

Q: What do I do if I need something over the weekend or after 5pm?

A: We offer after hours support 24 hours, 7 days a week. We will come out any time for your emergency needs such as equipment issues, cylinder replacements due to power outages or equipment issues, new setups from local hospitals and Dr. offices. Most equipment pickups, billing questions, and general inquiries will be handled the following business day.

Q: What types of insurance do you accept?

A: We accept Medicare and most major private insurance plans. We are not accepting Medi-cal as your primary insurance at this time however we can accept it as your secondary insurance carrier.

Q: How often should I change my nasal cannula and oxygen tubing?

A: Visit our Oxygen Concentrator page in our “Patient Education” area¬†for all your oxygen related questions or call our us at 707-263-9888 and we’d be happy to asnwer any questions you may have.

Q: I have water accumulating in my oxygen tubing. How do I dry it out and prevent it from happening?

A: During the colder, winter months many people experience excess moisture building up in their oxygen tubing. This is very common and easy to fix. To dry out your tubing disconnect the tubing from your humidifier bottle and attach it directly to your concentrator. This will dry out the tubing very well. How long it will take depends on how long your tubing is and how much water is present. To help prevent the tubing from accumulating too much water, try placing the tubing directly to the concentrator for 5-10 minutes each day (best at night before you go to sleep). This will dry the small amount present and help stop the accumulation.

Q: What if my equipment malfunctions during the night or over the weekend?

A: We provide 24/7 emergency services. If you should experience equipment issues or have technical questions you can call our office and you will be connected to our after hours technician. If the technician is unable to reslove your issue over the phone he will come out to your home.

Q: I am using my oxygen at the prescribed liter flow yet I still feel like I’m not getting enough.

Can I just increase the flow on the concentrator?

A: No. Oxygen is a Federally regulated drug just like any other prescription you may get from your pharmacy. You must obtain a new prescription from your doctor before you change your liter flow. If the prescribed does not seem to be adequete or you don’t feel well while using it, call you doctor or go your nearest hospital’s emergency room.

Q: I was provided a User Manual with my new equipment but I cannot seem to find it. Can I get a new one?

A: Yes. We are required to provide manuals and/or instructions for all our equipment. Just call us and we will mail you a new one and answer any questions you might have. You can also go to the equipment manual page on this site to access our online versions of your manual. Just go to the “Patient Resources” tab then click on “Equipment Manuals“.

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We provide after hours on-call services 24/7. Please be aware that after hours service is for emergency and hospital discharges. For supplies or deliveries please call or visit during our regular business hours. Thank you.

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