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HomeFill  System

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 What is a HomeFill system?

The HomeFill™ Oxygen System allows our patients to fill their own high-pressure cylinders from an oxygen concentrator. This allows the patient to refill their own cylinders whenever they need to which gives them greater independence and not have to wait for deliveries.

Pre-Fill Inspection of the Cylinder:

Examine the outside of the cylinder for the following conditions, and replace the cylinder if they exist:

  • Dents or dings
  • Arc burns
  • Oil or grease
  • Any other signs of damage that might cause a cylinder to be unacceptable or unsafe for use.
  • Examine the cylinder for evidence of fire or thermal damage. Evidence includes charring or blistering of the paint, or other protective coating or heat sensitive indicator. If fire or thermal damage is found, replace the cylinder.
  • Inspect the cylinder/regulator assembly for the following and replace if found:
  • Debris, oil or grease
  • Noticeable signs of damage
  • Signs of corrosion inside the valve
  • Signs of excessive heat or fire damage

 Compressor Operation Checklist.

Each time the HomeFill Compressor is used to fill a cylinder, complete the following steps:

  1. Refer to the concentrator Owner’s Manual.
  2. Examine the cylinder gauge. If the cylinder pressure is less than 1500 psig, proceed to STEP 3. If the cylinder pressure is greater than 1500 psig, DO NOT attempt to top off this cylinder. It may not fill.
  3. Ensure the concentrator has been on for at least thirty minutes.
  4. Make sure concentrator is set at prescribed liter flow. This must not be set over 3 LPM as the compressor will not fill if set above 3 LPM. (note: if your prescribed liter flow is above 3 LPM disregard the previous statement. Your equipment will accommodate higher liter flows.)
  5. Perform the prefill inspection on the cylinder.
  6. Make sure cylinder valve is turned to the “Off” position.
  7. Remove the gray dust cover from the fill port on the compressor.
  8. Momentarily push DOWN on the outer ring (sleeve) of the connector fill port until the GREEN dots are visible to reset the connector.
  9. Connect the cylinder to the compressor by aligning the post valve on the cylinder to the center of the fill port and press down until you hear it “click”, locking the cylinder into place.
  10. Push the compressor power switch to the On ( | ) position.
  11. Examine the indicator lights on the control panel. The yellow “low Oxygen” light will be lit. After approximately 10 minutes the compressor will turn on and the yellow light will switch to green “Filling”. Once cylinder is full the light will switch to “Full”.
  12. Disconnect and remove the full cylinder by pushing down on the fill port’s outer ring (sleeve) and lifting the tank up.
  13. Push the compressor power switch to the Off (O) position and replace the gray dust cap.
  14. If filling another cylinder, repeat this checklist.

NOTE: If the outer ring (sleeve) is in the UP position (GREEN dots not visible), the connector fill port will not be able to accept the cylinder fill port. Pushing DOWN momentarily will reset the connector fill port (GREEN dots visible) to accept the cylinder fill port.


NEVER oil or lubricate the compressor coupler or bottle fittings. NEVER use any penetrating oil or lubricant such as WD40 or 3 in One. If connection difficulty is experienced verify that the bottle fitting is being inserted straight down into the compressor coupler. If continued difficulty is experienced contact us for assistance.

Use extreme care when handling and filling an oxygen cylinder. Full oxygen cylinders are under pressure and can become a projectile if dropped or mishandled. DO NOT store filled oxygen cylinders near a furnace, hot water tank, in the trunk of a car or other high temperature area. Storage in areas such as this can result in bursting of the cylinder or fire.

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