Oxygen Conserving Devices

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Setting up your equipment:
· Attach OCD to the oxygen cylinder
· Make sure that the rubber/copper gasket is in place in the center/inside of the
· Line up the two pins on the OCD with the corresponding two holes on the oxygen
cylinder post valve and slide it all the way down to the bottom of the post valve.
· Slowly slide the OCD up until you feel the two pins slip into the holes.
· While holding the OCD in place, tighten the knob fairly tight. No need to over
tighten. If it leaks a little, tighten it more.
· Attach a nasal cannula to the nipple outlet of the OCD
Using your equipment:
· Place wrench on top of the post valve and turn counter-clockwise about ½ to 1
full turn. There is no need to turn valve all the way open. You will see the needle
on the contents gauge register.
· Turn the flow control valve on the OCD to prescribed liter flow.
· Attach a nasal cannula to the nipple outlet of the OCD
· Put on your nasal cannula and breath normally
· The conserving device will deliver a bolus or “pulse” of oxygen during each
breath. Note: oxygen will not flow when cannula is not attach to a patient. You
must be wearing cannula in order for the oxygen flow.
Safety & Maintenance:
· Never use petroleum based products or aerosol sprays on your person or near any
oxygen system.
· Be sure to turn off the oxygen supply by closing the cylinder valve when not in
· Do not use cannula longer then 7 feet.
· Do not use mask, pediatric
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this education material or the
Commode, please contact our office. Thank you.

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